A Guide For Finding Replacement Batteries For Asus Laptops

Asus is one of the most famous laptop brands in the market. The brand is known for designing and producing high-quality laptops with lasting components, like batteries. Original Asus laptop batteries can last up to two years without losing their good qualities. Afterwards, their running time reduces, and some may refuse to charge. This indicates the need for a replacement laptop battery. One of the critical elements of getting a replacement battery is getting genuine Asus laptops batteries. This post provides a guide for finding replacement batteries for Asus laptops.

Finding replacement batteries for Asus laptops

The first thing you must do is determine the type of battery your Asus laptop uses. You can get this information using your laptop’s model number, usually written on a sticker beneath the laptop or on the battery. The battery usually features a sticker with the model number, battery type, and serial number. You can also search the internet for ways to determine your laptop’s model number.

Also, check for details like the battery’s charge current and voltage. Once you have the model number, you can follow the guide below to get the best replacement batteries for Asus laptops.

1. Search the internet

You can use your battery’s model number to search the internet for replacements. All you must do is enter the number in your search engine and check out the results. The search engine will provide you with an array of options for your choosing. The trick is to choose a store with the best customer reviews and ratings. Avoid new stores and ones with no reviews at all costs. Make sure to create a shortlist of all the best options.

2. Compare the prices

Go through your shortlist and compare the prices. An original Asus battery costs around 60 dollars. Therefore, you should be wary of stores offering a significantly lower price. You can use the price factor as a tool to narrow down your shortlist.

3. Test the battery

Once you are down to one or two stores, you can physically visit them, order their products, and then test them before finalizing the purchase. There are various methods for testing your laptop battery’s performance. They are;

  • The system diagnostics test- this is the most straightforward technique because you do not need any special software, just your laptop
  • Windows PowerShell test- here, you will need to run Windows PowerShell as your admin before testing
  • The Windows system diagnostics test- your laptop must be using a Windows OS

If you are unfamiliar with these tests, you can always search the internet for how to run them.

4. Are all Asus laptop batteries the same?

Asus features different laptop models. While they share a brand name, it does not mean that they can share batteries. The models feature different battery dimensions, shapes, and specifications. Using a different model’s battery can damage your computer.


Genuine replacement batteries for Asus laptops usually have an incredible battery life of about 16 hours or more. They are also usually safer, long-lasting, and more cost-effective. Original Asus batteries are usually Li-ion batteries with a higher energy density and power capacity. They are also lighter and charge faster.