Hidden Specifications behind Xreal Air Glasses

Are you excited to know which features make Xreal Air glasses a top-hit and emerging AR product? All of the augmented reality glasses use the same AR technology but what makes them different then? This is what you will learn here with the clear comparison points. So, let’s jump to the main section of this article to learn about the hidden features and specifications of XREAL Air AR glasses!

Hidden Specifications & Features of Xreal Air Glasses

The winning Xreal Air glasses come with the following astonishing and most admirable features!

Lightweight and Portable

The best thing about Xreal Air glasses is that they are very light in weight and highly portable. They weigh only 79 grams which directly contributes to their being ultra-portable. Their stylish yet sleek design allows you to keep them even in the smallest pockets of your bags.

Eye Protection

Another good feature of these glasses is that they are the safest for your sensitive eyes. Even if you wear them for longer hours, your eyes won’t hurt or feel itchy. Due to this incredible specification with the lowest blue light, they have also received the TUV certification.


Xreal Air glasses are compatible with a number of devices. For example, you can easily use them with your laptop, mobile, desktop, iPad, etc. They are not restrictive and easily go with almost every device.

Supported operating systems

These AR glasses also support both IOS and Android operating systems. Hence, it gives you more freedom, pleasure, and a stress-free AR experience with whatever operating system you use.

Multi-Level Adjustment

As every person’s face is different, everyone’s angle of sight in relevance to ears also varies. To ensure greater comfort and convenience for everyone, these incredible AR glasses come with a multi-level adjustment feature. In this way, anyone can use and wear them in accordance with his angle of view.

Warranty Life

Unlike many online products that don’t include any warranty, these glasses come with a complete 1-year warranty. So, you can buy them confidently without fearing wasting money by receiving the defaulted or defective product. If any issue is found, you can contact the company for free repair, replacement, refund, or whatever option they offer.


These beautiful glasses only come in the black color which makes them look more classy and trendy. Currently, they are not available in any other color except black.


To use these glasses, you would only need a USB C cable to connect them to your device or beam. No other accessories are required to use them for entertainment.


They are available for $379 both on the Xreal website as well as on Amazon. You can order them from any of these locations.

Components included in the price

At this price, you won’t only get the glasses but some other components as well. For example, the package contains a detachable cable, case, frame for a prescription lens, nose pads (total 3), and a cleaning cloth. All these things make these glasses a great value for money and a must-buy product!