How E-commerce Logistics Software Development Boosts Supply Chain Operation

In this era of technology and digital transformation trends, the e-commerce and logistics industry increase rapidly. To effectively monitor your shipping details, data has been the key hurdle for international logistics services. And it also cost a lot.

But here is the solution. eTower commits to providing only one-step cross border logistics solutions. This ecommerce logistics software development makes everything easier.The process of unveiling global cross-border parcel delivery logistics data is now simpler than it appears.In this article, you’ll find all the hidden features and information about tower and its one-stop cross-border shipping technology. With this software, global parcel delivery operations are no longer hindered by worldwide package issues. So without any further delay let’s get started.

Cross Border Ecommerce Logistics Ecosystem

If you rely on the concept of cloud logistics, eTowe is one of the greatest platforms to provide you all with one solution. It includes hundreds of national postal, express, oversea housewares transport, custom clearance integration and lots of other cloud logistic systems. Some of its highlights include following:

  • This software perfectly implements the integration of a logistic order management system
  • It is ensured that every parcel and every delivery places to the right area and to the right customer
  • eTower is a complete set of one-stop system services that achieve ecological empowerment
  • All in one step up make everything possible and efficient

Features of eTower Software

Here are uncountable positive features that are associated with eTower but here are some highlights of those features of eTower software.


Its website contains a dashboard and gives an overall understanding of all the services and operation status. All the data on the dashboard is based on time and the operating system. Moreover, this can be configured for different purposes.

Data Report

If the company wants to extract out the data report it can easily be provided and have management and understandable entries. This report is flexible because the quantity and weights are based on sales conditions with different categories or in the form of groups. Moreover, the SLA report is totally free to set up the number and length of performance accordingly.


This is one of the best features the eTower provides to its customers. This software connects the whole logistic chain to meet the needs of more than 20 tracking nodes. It is also very convenient for users. Users can also spot the abnormality in the status of parcels with the help of this tracking system.

Abnormal Processing

eTower also provides a unique inspection and processing system. With the help of this system abnormality in the status of parcels can be detected and proper feedback is provided to customers on time. This feature makes it more reliable and trustworthy than any other logistic software. It helps customers to reduce losses and improve efficiency.

Final Words

This was all about power and its latest interference with global shipping. Now increase the shipping and decrease the technical problems faced during parcel delivery. Take your order with real-time management and much more. Inshore eTwoer is a solution to all global shipping problems.