Top Skid and Truck Mounted Pressure Washers

Having a pressure washer simplifies all your cleaning services, whether for home or commercial purposes. On the same script, having a pressure washer that is flexible enough to mount in your truck simplifies your work even more. However, before you consider this idea, you must understand how to fix and mount your pressure washer adequately using attachments like a pressure washer bracket. This article features the best pressure washers for mounting in the truck and skid, both cold and hot water pressure washers.

Best Cold-Water Pressure Washer for Mounting

Below are some cold-water pressure washers you can consider for easy mounting and simplifying your work.

  • Be 8 GPM with 3500 PSI Truck Mounted Pressure Washer

This model is made in a way that you can use with a separate battery or if you want to integrate with your truck system. It has the highest PSI, perfect for cleaning driveways. It comes with an inbuilt pump with a Honda GX 690 engine, making it a powerful pressure washer.

  • Pressure Pro 8 GPM Pressure Washer 3500 PSI

Here is another powerful cold-water pressure washer ideal for mounting. It exerts high pressure at 3500 PSI with 8 GPM. It comes with a general pump for improved performance.

  • Pro TS/VB5535HGEA431 5.5 GPM skid

It is a belt-driven pressure washer that exerts pressure up to 3500 PSI with a 5.5 GPM. It is highly flexible as you can easily fix it in the truck, ready for fieldwork. In addition, it is good for mobility since it is packed with extra accessories such as a hose reel and 1 200 Gallon tank for effectiveness.

  • A Be 5 GPM with 3000 PSI Truck Mounted Washer

A well-designed pressure washer to integrate into your truck easily. It comes with a general pump along with a GX 390 engine. As a result, it exerts the highest water pressure compared with other cold water pressure washers for truck mounting.

Mounted Pressure Washers for Hot Water Truck and Skid

We have looked at the best mounting pressure washers for cold water. However, if you need to use hot water, consider the options below.

  • Pressure Pro Super Skid Hot Washer 3500 Psi at 8 GPM

This incredible pressure washer comes with a general pump, belt drive, and a Honda GX 690 engine. The 15 Gallon water tank makes it easy to clean effectively without refilling now and then.

  • BE 3000 PSI 8 GPM Hot Water Washer Skid

With a maximum pressure of up to 3000 PSI and a GPM of 8, this unit features a Honda GX 690 engine with a general pump that improves the overall performance. What is best about this unit is that you can power it with a car battery since a 12v battery powers it.

  • Kaercher HDS 8.0/30 Ge Cage

This is a unique hot water pressure washer for mounting that uses German-built pumps effectively. It splashes the water up to 3000 PSI with a GPM of 8. However, you should note that you cannot fit the hose and wands with other brands in case of damages.


Sometimes, you need to mount your pressure washer in your truck for effectiveness. However, not all pressure washers are ideal for such jobs. We have highlighted some of them both for hot water and cold water. You only need to choose what works best for you.