Understanding How Hot Tubs Work

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Understanding how to tubs work

Below is an explanation of how hot tubs operate;

Step 1: Feeding of the water

An outside source supplies water into the hot tub through the hot tub water pump. The hot tub water pump comes with an impeller that rotates at a high rpm and results in the water being forced through the intake hose to the heater. The process happens at moderate pressure.

Step 2:  Heating of the water

When the water is forced through the heater, the water molecules become activated. This causes them to move faster. The movement results in the creation of a higher temperature.

Step 3: Heated water is directed to the jets

Once the water is heated, a valve diverter box helps direct the water to the jets. The valve diverter box usually branches off to all the jet lines, depending on the number of jets on the hot tub.

Step 4: Creation of the massage effect

The jets, also known as discharge jets, feature a venturi design. The role of the venturi design is to constrict the water flow. It does this by compressing and speeding it up. At the same time, the air is pulled in to compress and speed up the water even further. A stream is created based on the number of discharge nozzle openings on the jets when this happens. This causes the massage effect that hot tubs are praised for.

Step 5: filtering and repumping of the water

The intake system is used to suck the water. The water also goes through the filtering system, where particles and debris are filtered out. The filter can be placed before or after the pump. The placement usually depends on the configuration and hot tub model. Afterward, the water is repumped into the cycle.

Take Note:

The functioning of a hot tub can differ from one model or brand to the next. The type and placement of the hot tub may also influence the performance of the hot tub. Additionally, the components, like the heaters in the hot tub, can affect how the hot tub works. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to master how a hot tub works. However, this knowledge will come in handy when it comes to detecting issues.


Hot tubs can be placed indoors or outdoors. When they are placed outdoors, they usually need a cover. The role of the cover is to keep down the evaporation rate. A good cover can help prevent up to 79 percent of water loss, especially on a hot day. The cover also helps keep debris like leaves and other environmental elements from getting into the hot tub.