Why Will You Need to Reset Your Honor Earbuds

Have you ever wished to connect your newer generation Bluetooth headphones over and over without success? All earbuds are not created the same. Some give you a comfortable fit, others not so much. So it’s no surprise that some might give you a better experience or a worse one based on your personal preference and anatomy.

For instance, Bluetooth issues can undoubtedly vary in severity. While in many cases trying to address them might seem a little over the top, factory resetting your wireless earbuds can help resolve numerous issues you may be experiencing. If that’s the case, this post is for you.

When you’re having difficulties syncing your true wireless earbuds, and none of the other troubleshooting tips seem to help, you may need to perform a factory reset. Before you start, please go into either your computer’s or phone’s Bluetooth menu and Delete (or Forget) the Earbud from that list.

Typical Procedure

To start factory reset, please follow these steps;

1) Put both earbuds in the charging case and close it for 3-5 seconds.

2) Then, put them back in the charger and wait for the indicator lights to turn off.

3) Once the indicator lights are off, take them out of the case and put them back in – the indicator lights should now flash intermittently.

4) Put both earbuds close to each other until they enter pairing mode – they should slowly flash white and red light alternately.

5) Press both earbuds to touch controls simultaneously until they slowly flash orange.

6) The indicator lights on both earbuds will now rapidly flash white; this means they are ready to be paired up with your device again.

Make sure that you charge your earphones and keep them turned off during the entire process of resetting. Once completed, the earphones are turned back on. Resetting the Honor Choice Earbuds will “forcibly exit pairing mode,” so you can pair it again as a brand new device.

Pairing Honor Choice Earbuds

The first step to using your Honor Choice Earbuds after resetting is pairing them with a device by Bluetooth to see whether the procedure is successful. You can do this quickly and simply by opening the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and selecting Honor Choice Earbuds. When you hear “Ready to connect” and a prompt asks if you want to connect, select “Yes.”

Upon successful pairing, you’ll receive a notification. Your device is now connected to your Honor Choice Eearbuds and ready for use.

The earbuds automatically power onto the last-connected mobile device when you remove them from the charging case or press and hold the multifunction touch button on both earbuds for 2 seconds.

Activating ANC

The Honor Choice Eearbuds Earbuds have a built-in Dual Noise Cancellation feature that blocks ambient noise to bring you crystal clear audio. The ANC button on the Honor Choice Earbuds can be a quick and easy way to switch active noise cancellation ON or OFF. This is how to activate or deactivate the ANC feature in the Honor Choice Earbuds. To start the multifunctional touch buttons, press and hold the controls for a few seconds. You’ll hear a short “beep” when the ANC feature is activated.

You’ll be in your little world as soon as you turn on the active noise cancelling for a true retreat from daily life. You can play music for up to 11 hours on a single charge.

Using True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds does not require that you be a rocket scientist. Many True Wireless Earbuds (TWEB) have issues that can be resolved by Factory Resetting them as a first step.

Although the process can solve many problems, make sure you are familiar with Factory Reset and what you will lose (or won’t lose) in the process before pressing that reset button.